November 28, 2014

Press Release

Real Rock Is Celebrating 25 Years!

    When Real Rock started their gemstone guitar pick business 25 years ago with a small ad in a well known magazine, they never dreamed their stone picks would catch on so completely.  Real Rock guitar picks are used by guitarists all over the world and of all skill levels from beginners to renowned professionals.

    Real Rock has received very valuable input from their customers.  Putting all the knowledge gained about the properties and uses of stone picks back into the production.  Real Rock's variety of gemstone picks have the profound interest of the guitar playing world and their popularity is increasing.  Real Rock has received music samples from many guitarists using the picks to listen to and enjoy, also helping with the development of the picks.

    "The development of online commerce has allowed us to sell stone guitar picks in many different countries.  It is exciting and brings a smile of joy to collect our e-mail, to hear from guitar players around the globe, and to find that someone else on earth is going to enjoy our musical tools.  Real Rock would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our friends and customers who have used our stone guitar picks over the years.", commented Darrell and Mara Kramer.

    Real Rock is constantly creating and listing new gemstone guitar picks and plan on continuing to do so as they have in the past 25 years.  
You can read more about Real Rock Gemstone Guitar Picks by visiting their web site.  So keep an eye on and check out what is currently available.

Gemstone Guitar Picks by Real Rock

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